The attention span of our society is constantly shrinking and it is very hard to get people to notice your ad unless you are able to create something different, unique, bold, outstanding, and sometimes keeping it simple!

Don’t Be Boring

Be honest with yourself, do you enjoy or find the commercial entertaining and informative? Oftentimes, organizations get stuck in a bureaucratic process where everyone has to approve every single detail and the creativity gets cut out. Make sure it’s fun, engaging, and relevant to the audience you’re marketing.

Focus on Building Brand Awareness

To make an impact on today’s audience, you really need to stand apart and make an original statement about your brand. Remember that younger viewers grew up with social media, computer games, and big-budget movies so they respond to images more than dry facts about your product.

Use a Memorable Tagline or Jingle

Do something that is unconventional, yet memorable. A tagline can make it easy for people to remember what you do, especially if you add humor or some other way for the audience to connect with it. Perhaps you can use a 2D or 3D animated image that represents a particular subject matter to draw a connection. A jingle should rhyme and be less than six or seven words to make it easy for the viewer to remember.

Be Authentic

Authenticity is a key factor in advertising! If your advertisement doesn’t have an authentic feel, you’re probably not going to leave a lasting impression. It’s imperative that the Ad is realistic and genuine in its statement and is not representing something that unachievable or unrealistic.

Try Product Placement

Every day, more and more people are choosing to opt-out of commercials. They do this by fast-forwarding commercials, watching Netflix, or paying a premium. Product placement works because it doesn’t interrupt the viewer from their favorite show, but if done properly, it can actually enhance the show by making it more modern.

Tie to Social Media Campaign

Tie the TV commercial to an existing social media campaign to cross-market and acknowledge the fact that customers and audience members look on multiple platforms and like the idea of being communicated across platforms.

Communicate One Message Only

As with any effective marketing strategy, keeping your TV ads to the bare minimum will enhance the success of performing above the others. Because television is a visual medium we tend to over-communicate by expressing many concepts in one spot. Customers are not interested in everything you have to say, they only have room — and time — for one single message.

Use Good Voice Over

The human voice is a powerful influence when it comes to making an audience feel the desired emotion or buy a given product. The right voice can make or break an ad and can become a hallmark of your brand. Spend some time thinking about what the personality of your brand is, what voice represents that, and then how that voice will carry your ad, having the desired outcome steer the process.