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In this day and age where videos are everywhere, including most websites, you have to ask yourself: Are the ingredients that you are using baking the perfect cake? Let us explain.

As an example, when baking a cake, you have to have the correct amounts of flour, eggs, milk, sugar, etc., for the cake to be baked to perfection.  Likewise, great videos require the same attention to detail. First, you must have the correct balance of creative footage, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation, color finessing, music, etc., or the video will be less effective than it could be.

In today’s marketplace, there are many different types of videos being produced. These videos can reveal a wide range of looks and styles. Regardless of whether you’re producing a professional corporate video, or simply a video to be viewed on many of the top video websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, etc., there is one thing each video must have to be effective – the perfect ingredients!

Too much of any one ingredient can negatively affect the entire project. Having too many graphics, not having the right footage to tell the story, the color balance being off, the music being too loud or too soft – all will have an adverse effect. So how does one find the perfect balance of ingredients? It’s simple – proper planning in creating the perfect recipe!

You wouldn’t toss a whole bunch of ingredients into a bowl, mix them up, pour this batter into a pan, place it in the oven and hope they produce a perfect cake. That would be crazy! To assure success, you follow a recipe that has been proven over time, giving you the step by step instructions needed for the perfect outcome.

The same logic applies to video! To tell the perfect story, you start with developing creative ideas of how to tell your story. Then you communicate that story into a storyboard.

A storyboard is just like a recipe. It tells you exactly what, when, where and how everything is created in order to give you the finished product you desire to achieve. Then, when the storyboard is followed correctly, the odds of producing the perfect story are greatly increased.

As an example, even reality TV has a storyboard showing how the final product needs to be presented. Have you wondered how they seem to always get the perfect shot? Careful planning! This isn’t to say that occasionally things that happen by chance don’t still make the final production, but it happens far less often than you might think.

Video producers, much like a professional baker, are able to decide what ingredients need to be added, and when to add them, to make a scene stand out to the viewer.

Coporate Video, Kansas City Video Production, Corporate Video KC, Video Production Kansas City

Before you start your next video production project, be it professional or not, it will be worth both the viewers and your time to plan ahead and storyboard your video production. Remember, just like the cake recipe analogy, you must first plan for success before you start mixing the ingredients. If your looking for all the right ingredients from a video production company in Kansas City, look no further than CVP Productions!