Above all the main key to corporate video production for any brand is to tell a compelling story in a concise way. Here are some of the other advantages to using video for your business.

Fun Marketing

One of the biggest advantages to making corporate videos is that they are a fun way to visually showcase your business. It doesn’t have to be high-pressure advertising or a slick Hollywood production. In fact, corporate videos for websites work best when they focus more on product uses and industry trends than sales or hype. Videos remind people that your company is run by people who share similar values and beliefs.

Tell Your Story

Therefore Videos let you tell your story in an entertaining or interesting way. Part of the reason that video production can be very effective for even small businesses is that it gives you the opportunity to explain the benefits of your product without commercial constraints. While television and radio commercials are limited to 30 and 60 second spots, your corporate video is not subject to those limitations. Although you can make your video production as long as you like, it works best online if it’s under five minutes.

Search Engines Favor Videos

Your corporate video strategy should be thoroughly documented and clean cut with description and tags. It should provide solutions to what online surfers are searching for, then it can get high rankings in search engines. Even if you run a small business, by cornering a niche on YouTube you can build a loyal online following. YouTube is also a social network, making it easy to engage with followers. Another great way to boost search engine rankings for videos is to use transcriptions. Posting your content in video and text formats helps build your case as an industry expert.

Easy on the Eyes

Because online corporate video is much easier to watch than reading a book. As important as reading is, video is simply more enjoyable and allows the viewer to relax. People like to watch videos partly because it doesn’t require much effort, whereas reading is more like actual work. Seems like one thing videos can do better than a classroom is give the student control of the pace of absorbing content. For this reason this leads to a better understanding and quicker learning curve.

Creative Brand Awareness

What makes corporate video productions so special is that it combines visuals with audio, simulating a real-life experience. Video can help make consumers feel they have experienced a product even if they’ve never bought it. Out of all the different ways to build a brand, video is the most powerful because of its production techniques. Videos can help bring a brand to life by associating it with other images that stick in the viewer’s memory. Another advantage to videos is that they can include music to help enhance the mood and intensity.

Opportunity for Call-to-Action

Above all an effective video marketing campaign should end with a strong call-to-action statement. Whoever is voicing the video should direct the viewer to visit the website to learn more information about the brand and product. If your message is well executed, then it can lead to countless conversions. Therefore remember that hard sales pitches do not work well online since many people use the Internet to do their own research and avoid sales pitches.

Share on Social Media

One of the best reasons to make a corporate video is that it can be shared with your followers on social media. If the video is compelling enough, it can lead to comments and discussions about your business. When people share your videos through social media, it’s like free advertising–you’re getting your customers to do your marketing for you! These days, many consumers base purchases on recommendations from friends, which is why online reviews have become so influential to sales. Sites like Yelp.com have opened the information highway of consumer opinion.

Customer Testimonials

A very effective way to let your followers know what other customers think about your brand is to make a corporate video production of people giving testimonials about your product. Make sure you use honest responses so that it doesn’t appear to be staged. Let the most articulate and descriptive customers tell your story for you and influence other potential customers through online video.

Training Video

Certainly video can help accelerate learning, your company can save money on training employees by making videos that teach them on their own time. Training videos are effective because they provide visual demonstrations that can be clearer than studying a manual or staring at static diagrams. Employees can watch the video over and over until they retain the information.

Outdoor Video Production

Ah, the great outdoors. While some people see the beauty of trees, clouds, and nature in general, many video producers only see a myriad of potential issues and uncontrollable variables that can negatively impact their footage.

Because plenty of corporate videos that are shot in outdoor settings do a great job of providing the look and portraying the message desired by the client. But there’s no question that an outdoor shoot is a completely different animal from the controlled setting of a production studio—so videographers and directors must make additional preparations in order to create the video they are tasked with producing. Outdoor video can be challenging, fun and beautiful to behold. But shoots work best with careful planning, good equipment and techniques, as well as attention to common sense and safety.

 Web Video Production

Certainly Video production proves to be an exciting Web marketing tool for large and small businesses. Like a traditional TV commercial, web video production will advertise your business’s advantages to potential customers.

Unlike traditional TV commercials, web video production can be broadcast directly to your target audience for free through email, search engine web marketing and sharing video production websites such as YouTube.

Producing a web video doesn’t have to be complex or expensive in production. With a little bit of planning, you can produce a video that becomes a priceless web marketing tool for your business production.